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  • 2018 Legends and Lies (TV Mini-Series season three)
  • 2015 Lincoln’s Last Day (TV Movie documentary)
  • 2013 Lincoln’s Washington at War (TV Movie documentary)
  • 2013 Civil War 360 (TV Mini-Series)
    • Fight for Freedom (2013)
    • The Confederacy (2013)
    • The Union (2013)
  • 2011 Lincoln’s Secret Killer? (TV Movie documentary)
  • 2009 Lost River: Lincoln’s Secret Weapon
  • 2009 Lincoln: American Mastermind (TV Movie)
  • 2009 Lincoln’s Last Night (TV Series documentary) – Episode #1.1 (2009) 
  • 2009 Glance Back (Short)
  • 2006 No Retreat from Destiny: The Battle That Rescued Washington (Video)


  • “At What Price, War?” – a one-act play with Abraham and Mary Lincoln.  It features the desolation wrought on both the Lincolns and the entire nation by summer of 1864, and the difficulties both personal and political of the looming re-election. 
  • “Dream of Freedom” – interaction across time between Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King.
  • “Dark Days” – with Lincoln and Francis Bicknell Carpenter conversing about the coming 1864 election.  
  • “Lincoln & Douglass, an Unusual Friendship” – chronicles the development of friendship between Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, similar and different in many ways. 
  • “Of Mutual Interest, Lincoln and Mexico or “De Interés Mutuo – Lincoln y México” with Lincoln and Matias Romero, chargé d’affairs of the Mexican legation in Washington. This one-act play chronicles the interesting part Mexico’s Benito Juarez plays in the American Civil War Story, and vice-versa.
  • “The Heavens Are Hung in Black” by James Still.  This two and a half hour play takes you through the writing of the Emancipation proclamation with homely vistas of Lincoln in his office, in both tender and stormy scenes with Mary, cabinet meetings, graveyard scenes, and even participation in a rehearsal scene with Edwin Booth at Ford’s Theater. 
  • “A Springfield Farewell” by Ken Bradbury – an engaging piece featuring Lincoln and his wife rising and dressing on their last morning in Springfield, sharing memories, hopes, fears, and laughter. 
  • “The Last Full Measure” by Ken Bradbury – a moving perspective from Lincoln’s point of view, on what may have transpired in the President’s mind while he lay dying that fateful night of April 14th, 1865.”