A 2013 summer tourist at Lincoln’s home who happened upon a “History Comes Alive” program with Mr. Klein as Lincoln in the back yard

“… Our tour guide was fantastic and she was extremely professional, knowledgable, and make the tour exciting and educational. But my favorite part was what was waiting after the tour. Mr. Lincoln himself was standing in the back yard of the home after the tour! I wanted to take the time to say how much of an honor it was to meet this individual and how he made the trip and tour one of the best I have had. The gentleman playing Lincoln was AMAZING! He was extremely knowledgable, professional, and extremely polite. You could tell he was truly passionate about his job and the character he plays. He stood around patiently answering the many questions, taking pictures, and sharing stories. He looked exactly the part from the clothing, facial expressions, stance, voice, everything! I especially loved how he would answer questions or share stories either in character or out of character. I wish I knew his name, but I wanted to personally thank him for making the trip one to remember. He is a true asset to the facility and I hope to one day take the tour again and bring others to hear and see him. Thank you for making this an incredible tour! “